Bretagne,   2021-03-30

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国家 法国
地区 Bretagne
日期 2021-03-30 00:00:00.0
销售类型 密封


规模 3 567 立方公尺
产品 路边原木
公司编号 1
一级物种 海洋松
一级物种,估计体积(原木) 3 567 立方公尺
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  • 描述 Please find, herewith, our call for tenders, concerning the cuts that we have for sale in TEILLAY forest, including: Specifications - Article sheet: - Article 1 cuts FN 26, FN 27, FN 28: 2,610 Maritimes, for an estimated volume of 3,567 m3 (HOT Tariff volume 10) - Location plan of the section put on sale You can send us your best proposal, by email, or by post received before 12 noon on Tuesday March 30 2021; The sale will be made to the highest bidder, the GROUPEMENT FORESTIER DE TEILLAY reserving the right not to sell below a minimum price. This withdrawal price will be communicated at the end of the bid opening. By the sole fact of submitting the tender, each tenderer will be deemed, as of right, to accept all the charges and conditions of the attached specifications. - Translated with google


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