Garapa , 森林管理委员会, 装饰(四面倒角)

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木材类型 实木
实木类型 南美洲硬木
物种/ 材料 Garapa (Grapia)
主要特征 森林管理委员会
来源 巴西
种类 装饰(四面倒角)


规模 1 - 5000 平方公尺(sqm) 每个月 转变
宽度 140 公厘 转变
长度 2130-5800 公厘 转变
厚度 22 公厘  转变
品质 FAS, KD 14-16%
认证 森林管理委员会(FSC)
Garapa wood is a light yellow-brown wood, which is on the surface in the air partially darkens to medium brown colour. Garapa has mostly direct fiberization. The colour differences between the individual boards are natural, but they are not very striking. Wood is strict and has a long life due to high densities and high content of substances contained in wood.
Wood density: approx. 900 kg / m3
Art dried at: 18-20%
Recommended expansion joints between boards during installation: 6 - 8 mm
Processing variant 1:
22 x 140 mm visible side = smooth
Processing variant 2:
25 x 145 mm visible sides both = fine groove / reeded groove
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价格 急需的 EUR 每 平方公尺(sqm) 转变
国际商业用语 指定工厂交货 (EXW) 国家 捷克共和国 地区 Prague
出货截止日期: 30天内可接受订购
销售至: 全球范围


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