Maçaranduba , 森林管理委员会, 防滑地板(单面)

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木材类型 实木
实木类型 南美洲硬木
物种/ 材料 Maçaranduba (Bulletwood, Beefwood, Quinilla)
主要特征 森林管理委员会
来源 巴西
种类 防滑地板(单面)


规模 1 - 5000 平方公尺(sqm) 每个月
宽度 145 公厘
长度 2200-6100 公厘
厚度 21 公厘
描述 Description

Exceptionally fine, evenly structured and straight growing wood with purple, red-brown colour with various shades. The colour differences between individual boards are natural and common. The holes from insects (pinholes) may occur in the wood, but they do not affect the durability and static properties. Wood is tough and has a long lifetime due to high density and contained substances. These included oily substances can be washed out by rain during the first phase of weathering. Due to the above reason, the wood must be placed on terraces or balconies in such way water flowing from wood is drained using eaves and rain gutters. Terrace surface should be treated with oil approx. 3 months after it is placed when the natural reduction of oil substances from the wood surface occurs. Without the treatment, wood remains undamaged, and after some time grey-silver patina develops on the wood surface. Decking oil OSMO COLOR for Massaranduba improves the wood visual value for a long time. A correct function of the terrace requires compliance with basic rules for laying wooden terraces and the creation of sufficiently stable base construction. The base construction requires the use of wood with the same or similar density as the surface wood to enable equal expansion and shrinking. For proper maintenance and cleaning, please contact our distributors and ask for technical conditions and instructions for terrace boards maintenance.


To a large extent, the technical features correspond to the characteristics of bangkirai wood. It is used as a veneer, parquet, construction wood, for water structures, as sills, flooring and for seating furniture.

Additional Information

This profile is supplied in the kiln-dried state, i.e. the wood moisture content is between 16- 18%. Thanks to the artificial drying are the wood dimensionally steadier and more stable. We recommend expansion gaps between the boards to be 5-7mm. After laying the material, there are only minor dimensional changes.

Any material from solid wood mounted in exterior spaces will not remain passive but will constantly work under the influence of the surrounding environment.


价格 31.9 EUR 每 平方公尺(sqm)
国际商业用语 指定工厂交货 (EXW) 国家 捷克共和国 地区 Prague
出货截止日期: 30天内可接受订购
销售至: 全球范围


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