XINGLI, 层压地板

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种类 层压地板
芯材 bamboo
完工材料 bamboo


规模 100 - 100000 平方公尺(sqm) 每个月 转变
尺度 1860 * 140 * 20 mm ; density: 1200 kg/m3
质量标准 – 规范 – 类型 – 符合规定要求 A Grade
认证 欧盟市场认证
Outdoor strand woven bamboo flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring commonly known as bamboo board, is a kind of bamboo flooring, it is on the basis of the general bamboo flooring further improve, make it more beautiful, more practical.

Raw material: Mao bamboo, bamboo age 5-6years. Bamboo generally has a thick root wall and a thin tip wall. Therefore, fresh bamboo with a diameter of more than 10cm and a wall thickness of more than 7mm is generally selected as the raw material.

Structure: strand woven
Color:Natural, Carbonized
Dimension: 1860*140*20mm
Density: 1200kg/m3

Environmental protection grade E1, formaldehyde emission limit is less than 1.5mg/L;
Waterproof performance: Bamboo flooring is linear fiber, it has the best waterproof effect in all kinds of flooring.
Fireproofing grade: B1

1. High utilization rate of raw materials.The strand woven bamboo flooring adopts the renewable resources bamboo as the raw material to replace the traditional production method of wood as the raw material.The utilization rate of raw materials in this production mode is high, reaching more than 90%, which is more than twice the utilization rate of traditional raw materials. In this way, both sustainable production and effective environmental protection can be achieved.
2. Has a variety of excellent performance.The density of heavy bamboo floor is up to 1200kgs/m3, which is more than 1.6 times that of ordinary bamboo board, with high hardness, great strength and high impact toughness.Therefore, it has the characteristics of high density, high strength, impact resistance and wear resistance.
3. Water absorption resistance, no deformation.According to the measurement of 24 hours of water absorption thickness expansion rate is only 0.4%, which is far better than the European standard ≦ 2.0%.
4. Environmental protection and health.Meet the requirements of European green standards, is a green environmental protection products.

Outdoor strand woven bamboo flooring applicable to: residential, plank road, garden landscape, enterprise factory area, shopping mall and theater, sports place, park, balcony, amusement place municipal engineering, station dock, scenic spot decoration and other fields


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