XINGLI, 层压地板

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种类 层压地板
芯材 Bamboo
完工材料 Bamboo


规模 100 - 100000 平方公尺(sqm) 每个月 转变
尺度 960 * 96 * 15 mm ; 1020 * 130 * 15/17 mm
质量标准 – 规范 – 类型 – 符合规定要求 Environmental protection grade E1, the national standard E1 level product formaldehyde emission limit is less then 1.5mg/L
认证 欧盟市场认证
Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is made of natural high quality bamboo as raw material, through more than 20 processes, take off the original bamboo pulp, through high temperature and high pressure, then through multiple layers of paint, and finally infrared drying.It has many characteristics, the first bamboo flooring bamboo instead of wood, with the original features, wood and bamboo in the machining process, using quality analysing that conforms to the national standard, can avoid substances such as formaldehyde, the harm of human body and bamboo floor using advanced equipment and technology, through the study of the 26 of the whole process of the original bamboo, natural beauty and has the original wood floor and ceramic tile of strong and durable.

Color: Natural, Carbonized
Density: 600-650kg/m3;
Structure: horizontal and vertical
Dimension: 960*96*15mm T&G and 1020*130*15/17mm T&G and Click ; Available for Customised

(1) Warm in winter and cool in summer
(2) Long life
(3)Stability is good
(4) Small color difference
(5) Installation process is easy and accurate, one step in place, no need to paint
(6) Health benefits. Easy to maintain and wipe

1.The family decorates: bedroom, study, gym, Japanese and type room, can use as floor of geothermal heating.
2.Senior office building: including office, conference room, reception room, product exhibition hall, etc.
3.Hotel, hotel: including hotel suites, health center, entertainment center, conference center, etc.
4.High - class commercial building: including business hall, monopoly counter and so on.
5.Bamboo floor can also be used for wall decoration.


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