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  • April 19, 2021 12:13

EPAL pallet production increases despite Covid-19 pandemic

.5 million pallets (2019: 123m pallets). “This positive development is particularly remarkable in view of the economic slump resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic”, remarks Robert Holliger, President of EPAL ... [更多...]

  • 森林
  • October 06, 2020 11:24

SCA obtains permit for biorefinery in Östrand pulp mill

. The court decision that was received yesterday covers 184 pages alone. Work to examine the court decision is now fully underway. “From what we have seen so far, it seems as though the court has taken our point of view for the most part and accepted the ... [更多...]

  • 国内
  • November 23, 2020 11:05

The German furniture industry recorded a slight increase in sales in September

.3%) has meanwhile largely made up for in our industry," says Jan Kurth, Managing Director of the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) and the Herford furniture associations, with a view to the latest surveys by the Federal Statistical Office ... [更多...]

  • 纸浆和纸
  • January 28, 2020 11:36

UPM starts employee negotiations in Chapelle

.  Since discussions are in progress, but binding offers have so far not been forthcoming, the employee representatives were informed on January 28 of the intention to start the employee negotiations with a view to a possible plant closure ... [更多...]

  • 专题报告
  • October 12, 2018 10:27

France: oak standing timber prices still increasing

. In the east of France, the auction held in Beaune (Côte d'Or) on September 13, 2018 and organized by ONF set the tone for the new season of marketing oak harvested in the French state forests ... [更多...]

  • 机械新闻
  • July 13, 2020 04:44

BAU 2021 still on track

. In view of the falling rates of infection and easing of travel restrictions throughout Europe, Messe München believes that the prospects are good for a successful BAU 2021 ... [更多...]

  • 森林
  • May 03, 2022 09:54

No Green Deal without the use of wood

." In view of the global climate and biodiversity crisis, the EU is also increasingly looking at forests and how their contributions to the overarching EU goals can be shaped as positively as possible ... [更多...]

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  • September 10, 2020 01:13

IMA Schelling Group will not attend LIGNA

. During IMA Schelling’s open house customers will have the opportunity to view a complete production chain and gain an insight into the Lübbecke plant. In this way, the company can ensure that all hygiene guidelines are adhered to and that the brand’ ... [更多...]

  • 木材能源
  • February 20, 2020 01:40

Germany: Price of pellets drops slightly in February

. From a regional point of view, pellets in February are cheapest in the Central region of the country. For a purchase volume of 6t one can pay € 258.57 / t ... [更多...]

  • 木板
  • July 21, 2020 11:27

EPLF adopts a new mission, vision and logo

In view of a changing market environment for the member companies of the Association of European Laminate Flooring Manufacturers (EPLF), the industry representative will increasingly focus on the sustainable properties of their product ... [更多...]

  • 木材能源
  • May 02, 2017 02:11

Drax closes Louisiana Pellets acquisition

. A bankruptcy auction has been held on the 30th of March, for the acquisition of both Louisiana Pellets and Texas Pellets, where the company participated ... [更多...]

  • 森林
  • June 24, 2021 01:38

Switzerland: Parliamentary initiative calls for guide prices for raw wood

. From the point of view of the forest owners, there is therefore no avoiding significant price increases, especially for raw wood (logs, industrial wood, energy wood ... [更多...]

  • 木板
  • November 25, 2019 03:35

The German parquet industry on a downward trend

. "Our industry continues to create a difficult market and competitive situation. In view of the weakening macroeconomic growth and the declining building permits, the demand for parquet products is currently declining slightly, "said VDP chairman ... [更多...]

  • 国内
  • December 14, 2020 12:46

German furniture industry hopes for a Brexit agreement

. Among other things, the furniture manufacturers received an urgent recommendation to review their supply structures with Great Britain - both with a view to purchasing and exporting ... [更多...]

  • 森林
  • May 25, 2023 01:34

Subdued mood amongst hardwood traders at Interzum

. The boom in home improvement, that started in the pandemic and helped drive hardwood sales in Europe and which was encouraged by government stimulus measures, is now well and truly over. This informal view chimes with the formal economic ... [更多...]

  • 木材能源
  • April 17, 2020 10:18

April pellet price low in Germany

.2% for a 6 t purchase volume reports the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV). The year-on-year figure is 2.7% less. From a regional point of view, there are the following differences in April 2020: In the south, like in March, pellets are t ... [更多...]

  • 机械新闻
  • January 29, 2015 02:52

FORDAQ organizes three exceptional online auctions of tools, woodworking machines and full production lines

With the launch of its new online auctions service, FORDAQ is organizing three auction sales of tools, woodworking machines to full production lines in France, Belgium and the Netherlands ... [更多...]

  • 机械新闻
  • November 09, 2020 08:29

Ligna 2021 dates moved back to September 27 to October 1

. Following intensive reflections and discussions, and in view of the current developments in the global incidence of infections in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Deutsche Messe and the German association VDMA have jointly decided to postpone Lign ... [更多...]

  • 森林
  • March 26, 2020 09:06

German business climate index drops to record low

. In manufacturing, the index fell - across all branches of industry - to the lowest overall level since August 2009. The decline in expectations is historically unique with a view to 70 years of industry surveys, reports the institute ... [更多...]

  • 森林
  • November 17, 2020 10:38

TTF and TRADA announce merger plans

The Governing Boards of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to align the strategies and activities of each organisation with a view ... [更多...]

  • 锯木
  • April 04, 2014 11:31

Germany: Price increase for KVH, after pressure in March

. Particularly in March, after price increases were already announced for 1 April. In fact, the prices plummeted. In auction sales, it was sold clearly at prices under EUR 300/cbm ... [更多...]

  • 木材能源
  • February 10, 2020 12:11

Production of wood pellets in Germany hits record

. The total amount for 2019 is 2.8 million t of pellets. In view of the already announced capacity expansion of pellet producers, an annual production of 3 ... [更多...]

  • 森林
  • July 17, 2019 09:25

Cameroon sawnwood exports do well in EU and US

. The better than expected earnings were the result of firm demand in international markets, better recovery rates in local operations and the impact of the concession auction process ... [更多...]

  • 机械新闻
  • November 07, 2019 09:55

Biesse Group sales drop 2.0% in the first nine months of 2019

. From the balance sheet point of view the pressure on the operative working capital elements is not relevant; the net financial position forecasted for this year end, before the IFRS 16 impacts, is remaining positive ... [更多...]

  • 森林
  • June 23, 2021 10:45

EUTR shifting from negative to a positive factor for tropical timber

. Although only a minority had this view, it seems to be a rising trend. No respondents in 2018 and just 2% of respondents in 2019 said their imports of tropical timber had increased as a result of EUTR ... [更多...]