Switzerland: Initiative calls for recommended retail prices for logs

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At the end of January, the Environment Commission of the Swiss Council of States approved the parliamentary initiative "Price recommendations also for wood from Swiss forests" by WaldSchweiz President and Councilor of States Daniel Fässler. She demands that the industry can agree on target prices for raw wood harvested in Swiss forests.

Until 2020, questions about the wood market and general framework conditions between Swiss Forests and the Swiss wood industry could be discussed informally in the Swiss Wood Market Commission. The commission also regularly issued price recommendations for logs from Swiss forests. After the Competition Commission got involved at the end of 2019, the Timber Market Commission was dissolved in summer 2020.

Since then, the Swiss Forest Owners' Association has only published historical prices within the scope of the legal possibilities. This is particularly disadvantageous for private forest owners, explains WaldSchweiz. Because they often have little or no experience in the wood market.

The parliamentary initiative by Councilor of States Daniel Fässler wants to create the basis for Swiss forest owners to once again receive guidance on how to determine the amount of wood felled and how to sell their wood. The initiator is convinced that non-binding price recommendations that are published transparently are an important tool for this. Next, the Environment Commission of the National Council will examine the initiative. If this also agrees, a bill will be drawn up.