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PR advertisement by Weinig Luxscan, text: Holzkurier, Martina Nöstler
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EasyScan+ C

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Excellent quality is key in the production of window scantlings. EasyScan+ C, a scanner for timber cutting optimization from Weinig Luxscan, allows Centernorma to produce at a consistently high level of quality in their factory in Mislinja, Slovenia. Their new production line has been in operation since August 2019, delivering impressive results in terms of yield, as reported by the Holzkurier.

Centernorma has already 30 years of experience in the production of multilayer glued and finger-jointed window scantlings and mouldings. In order to increase the output and better meet the demand on the European market, the company’s owners Janko and Martin Kovac, decided to invest in a new production line. The brothers turned to Weinig Group, Tauberbischofsheim/DE, to equip the factory. "We chose Weinig because the company can supply all the machines that we need and therefore we didn’t have to worry about interface adjustments," explains Janko Kovac.

Demand for high quality

Luxscan Skanwood

Flawless surface: The new Easyscan+ C at Centernorma detects all wood characteristics, which results in clean end products (Photo: Weinig Luxscan)

Since surface quality is extremely important for window scantlings, Centernorma decided to integrate an Easyscan+ C from Weinig Luxscan. The new line features a Weinig Powermat 700 with an automatic infeed plane for an impeccably timber surface. This makes the detection of wood characteristics easier for the scanner. The boards scanned by the Easyscan+ C are fed directly into a Weinig Dimter OptiCut 450 Quantum. This high-performance cross-cut system follows the cutting solution provided the by scanner to cut out the wood defects detected. The chopped pieces are classified on a sorting belt according to their quality and dimension. Based on the final product requirements, the pieces go next into a Grecon finger-jointing line.

"A challenge for us was that Centernorma produces both softwood and hardwood products", explains Luxscan Sales Manager Henning Dresel. The scanner must therefore be able to detect wood characteristics on oak, spruce and larch equally well. "The Easyscan+ C is not only the right machine for this demand but it also offers a great price to performance ratio,” convinces Dresel. This model is a good compromise between our Easyscan entry-level model and our high-end Combiscan scanner. "This basically means that it has the same base scanner technology as the Combiscan, but cannot be extended by additional modules," continues Dresel.

Comprehensive and reliable defect detection

Luxscan Skanwood

Satisfied with the scanner: Bostjan Vraber from the Weinig agency Intercet and Centernorma Managing Director Janko Kovac (from left) (Photo: Weinig Luxscan)

The Easyscan+ C at Centernorma has two cameras and three lasers per side. According to Luxscan, the scanner can detect the following wood characteristics on all four sides: sound knots, black knots, wanes, cracks, holes, edge defects, resin pockets, piths, sapwood on oak and blue stain on spruce and larch. It is also able to control timber dimensions. The scanner performance is estimated at up to 12 pieces per minute for boards of 3.5 m in length. The board cross-sections are max. 175 mm wide and 50 mm thick.

The scanner comes also with an optimizing software called OptiCore. Based on the product lists stored in the program, OptiCore determines the best possible cutting solution while taking into account the undesirable wood characteristics. It sends the data on to the Dimter cross-cut system. The software also provides multiple statistics and production data.

Yield and productivity improves

"The new scanner has significantly improved our production and working speed. The yield has increased by about 10%," confirms Janko Kovac. In addition, the scanner offers a consistent product quality with a higher output of scantlings and strips. In the course of the new investment, Centernorma also purchased additional machinery to streamline the production of special products and structures. Consequently, Weinig supplied another Powermat 700 and a Powermat 1500. Centernorma is satisfied with the way the Weinig Group handled the project: "The commissioning went smoothly. In the future, we estimate to produce up to 5000 m3 of window scantlings annually with the new line.