Myanmar: Life gone from the market after log export ban

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According to the Myanmar Timber Enterprise (MTE) about 5,000 Hoppus tons (h.tons) of teak, tamalan and other hardwoods was sold by open tender at the end of June.

About 1,700 h.tons comprising teak logs 321 h. tons; teak sawnwood 289 tons; padauk and tamalan logs 439 h. tons; kanyin logs 274 tons and other rough sawn or hewn timber 416 tons were sold by open tender at the MTE headquarters.

Another 1300 h. tons of teak logs; 2550 h. tons hardwood logs; 7 tons of tamalan hewn-timber and 83 tons of teak sawn timber was sold by the office of the local marketing and milling department of MTE.

Analysts say demand is very slow in the international markets. The open tenders, which now only attract buyers from domestic mills, are held only once, or at most twice, a month. Before the log export ban the country was alive with private traders but now it is very quiet.