Myanmar: Open tender prices for teak and hardwoods

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On 24 October the Myanmar Timber enterprise (MTE) sold teak and hardwood logs as well as sawnwood by open tender. Prices secured are shown below. Logs are measured in hoppus tons while sawnwood is measured in cubic tons.


Sawing Grade logs were sold by open tender ex-site Katha and Mandalay (Pyin Oo Lwin) area. A total of 484 hoppus tons was sold comprising SG7 - 427 h. tons; SG8 - 18 h. tons; SG9 - 29 h. tons and Thinning Posts (Girth 2‟) - 12 h. tons.

17 log lots were unsold. It was reported that 2 lots did not attract bids while bids for the other 15 lots did not reach the reserve price. Observers say it is possible that the difficulty in transport timber from distant sale sites to mills could be one reason for the lots not being sold.


All prices mentioned below are in US dollars per ton of 50 cubic feet.

First, Second and Market Quality of teak flitches (width 6” to 19” x thickness 3” to 15” x length 6‟ & up to 19‟) and boards (width 7” to 14” x thickness 1” - 2” x length 6‟ to 12‟) and teak squares ( width 10” & up x thickness 10” & up x length 6‟ & up) were sold by special open tender. 

  • Mandalay (Pa-leik) area-teak boards, 7 cubic tons, average price US$ 3104
  • Toung Oo (Phyu-kwin) area-teak flitches and squares, 32 cubic tons, average price US$2495
  • Toung Oo (Tha-ga-ya) area-hand-sawn teak flitches, 25 cubic tons, average price US$2492

                                                                                                                                               The following sawn teak products were sold from the MTE sawmill No.1 Scantlings (width 1” - 4” x thickness 0.5” - 3” x lengths various ranging from 1.5‟ to 6‟ & up); squares (10” & up x 10” & up x 10‟ & up, 6‟/9‟), Posts (6”/9” X 6”/9” X 6‟ & up), Square-ends (lengths 1‟ to 5.5‟), and post-ends (lengths1‟ to 5.5‟).

Prices of scantlings range from US$901 to US$3098 per ton depending on the sizes and quality. Teak squares Market Grade fetched US$1220 to US$1777 per ton. Teak Posts were sold at prices from US$1215 to US$1335 per ton. Third Quality teak scantlings (134 tons) were sold at an average price of US$654 per ton.

Seized hardwood sales

  • Tamalan hewn timber, 143 tons, average price US$3410 per ton
  • Tamalan sawn timber, 23 tons, average price US$5088 per ton.
  • Padauk hewn timber, 154 tons, average US$3013 per ton
  • Padauk logs from Mandalay area, 11 h. tons at US $2787 per h.ton
  • Sagawa logs 50 tons, atUS $ 411/h.ton