Koskisen and Stora Enso to launch bio-based furniture board

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Finnish wood industry company Koskisen uses Stora Enso’s bio-based binder, NeoLigno® by Stora Enso, to replace fossil-based resins used in furniture boards. Both the furniture board raw material and the binder are made of wood and sourced from the production process flows of both companies. This results in all raw materials of the Zero Furniture Board being bio-based.

“Our experts have been working together with Stora Enso to come up with this brand-new bio-based product offering. Koskisen constantly looks for opportunities to optimize its CO2 balance. One of the biggest sources for CO2 emissions in our production are the binders that we use in the panels, as they are traditionally fossil-based. The co-operation with Stora Enso has offered us a unique opportunity to address this issue: the lignin-based NeoLigno® makes the Zero Particle Board bio-based. It is an excellent opportunity to bring something new into the market. Being bio-based, Zero Particle Board is an excellent example of a circular economy product. At Koskisen, the main raw material of the panel, wood chips, come from our own production. Similarly, Stora Enso gets lignin from their Sunila pulp mill in Finland, extracted in connection to pulp production. Combining these two ingredients, we can bring something new and valuable to our customers. It is hard to imagine a stronger message to our customers and their customers, than offering something that has a lower environmental impact and is bio-based,” says Koskisen’s CEO Jukka Pahta.