India: Latest auction prices of domestic teak

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During the last auctions of 2013 at various log depots in the Dangs division approximately 12,000 cubic metres of logs were sold. The majority of these were freshly felled good quality logs. Average prices recorded at the most recent auction are as follows:

Average prices recorded at the most recent auction are as follows:

Teak logs Per cubic foot
A quality for ship building Rs.3100 - 3000
B quality for ship building Rs.2900 - 3000
A for sawing Rs. 2500-2700
B or sawing Rs. 2300-2400
A Long length logs Rs. 2100-2200
B Long length logs Rs. 2000-2100
Long length, Medium Quality Rs. 1800-1900
Short Length, Medium Quality Rs.1500-1600
Short Length, Average Quality Rs. 1200 plus

Variations are based on quality, length and average girth of logs

The lack of demand from building companies depressed overall prices but the available logs were sold as sawmills needed to restock the logs used up during the monsoon period when auctions do not take place.

Good quality non-teak hardwood logs of Haldu (Adina cordifolia), Laurel (Terminalia tomentosa), kalam (Mitragyna parviflora) and Pterocarpus marsupium, 3 to 4 m in length having girths 91cms and up were sold at prices in the range of Rs.600~850 per cu.ft while medium quality logs were priced at 400 ~550 per cu.ft. Now that the holiday season is over demand is expected to rise and substantial quantities of logs are expected to be put up for sales in coming months.

Availability of alternatives creates competition for teak exporters

The stabilised rupee exchange rate has provided some relief for importers. As it is the dry season in many plantation teak supply countries the volumes offered have increased. Some suppliers of plantation teak are asking for higher prices but, with the present economic situation and the weak housing market in India, is not surprising that importers do to accept price increases, on the contrary, Indian buyers are pressing for reduced prices.

Also, the availability of other tropical hardwoods at competitive prices is creating tougher competition for teak suppliers and holding down prices. Current C & F prices for imported plantation teak, Indian ports per cubic metre are shown below.

  US$ per m3
Tanzania Teak sawn 350-885
Côte d'Ivoire logs 280-750
PNG logs 400-575
El-salvador logs 350-650
Guatemala logs 350-550
Nigeria squares 300-450
Ghana logs 275-650
Guyana logs 300-450
Benin logs 250-650
Benin sawn 430-800
Brazil squares 360-680
Colombia logs 335-685
Togo logs 350-715
Ecuador squares 275-540
Costa Rica logs 350-700
Panama logs 260-550
Sudan logs 320-700
Congo logs 450-550
Kenya logs 390-600
Thailand logs 460-700
Trinidad and Tobago logs 400-680
Uganda logs 440-780
Uganda teak sawn 680-800
Laos logs 320-450
Malaysian Teak logs 140-450
Nicaragua logs 370-535
Liberia Logs 350-460
Brazil logs 350-750

Variations are based on quality, length and average girth of logs

Recently plantation teak was imported from Cameroon at prices in the range of US$350 to 510 per cu.m

Domestic ex-sawmill prices for air dried sawnwood cut from imported logs

As demand and supplies remain balanced and the rupee exchange rate is stable landed costs for imported logs have not changed so sawnwood prices remain unchanged.

Prices for air dry sawnwood per cubic Foot, ex-sawmill are shown below.

Sawnwood, (Ex-mill) (AD) Rs. per ft3
Red Meranti
Radiata Pine (AD)

Variations are based on quality, length and average girth of logs

Domestic prices for Myanmar teak processed in India

Export demand for teak products manufactured in India continues to be good but domestic demand for Myanmar teak products is only from selective high net worth clients.

Sawnwood (Ex-mill) Rs. per ft3
Myanmar Teak (AD)  
Export Grade F.E.Q.
Plantation Teak A grade
Plantation Teak B grade
Plantation Teak FAS grade

Price variations depend mainly on length and cross section

Prices for imported sawnwood

Ex-warehouse prices for imported kiln dry (12% mc.) sawnwood per cu.ft are shown below.

Sawnwood, (Ex-warehouse) (KD) Rs per ft3
Beech 1300-1350
Sycamore 1300-1400
Red oak 1500-1650
White Oak 1600-1800
American Walnut 2300-2400
Hemlock clear grade 1300-1400
Hemlock AB grade 1100-1200
Western Red Cedar 1600-1650
Douglas Fir 1200-1300

Price variations depend mainly on length and cross section.

Plywood Market

The housing sector continues to be very depressed and plywood manufacturers are suffering from rising production costs and want to increase prices immediately but the current demand is not supportive of this. Plywood prices on the domestic market remain unchanged

Prices for WBP Marine grade plywood from domestic mills

Plywood, Rs per sq.ft
Ex-warehouse. (MR Quality)  
4 mm 35.50
6 mm 47.00
12 mm 74.00
15 mm 98.00
18 mm 103.00

                                                                                                                                       Domestic ex-warehouse prices for locally manufactured MR plywood

Locally Manufactured
Plywood “Commercial
Rs per sq.ft
  Rubberwood Hardwood
4mm Rs.18.00 Rs.27.50
6mm Rs.27.50 Rs.34.50
8mm Rs.34.50 Rs.42.00
12mm Rs.41.00 Rs.51.00
15mm Rs.50.40 Rs.62.70
19mm RS.58.00 Rs.70.50
5mm Flexible ply Rs.36.00  

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