HARTT: Plank paneling made smart!

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Smart Wall Paneling

Phone: +31 183 504 266
eMail: info@hartt-company.com
Web: https://hartt-company.com

HARTTHARTT is the premier European producer of quality plank paneling at a competitive price. Our parent company Hakwood has decades of experience in creating quality wood products for clients across the globe. We have the knowhow, the production facility and the distribution network to supply a top of the market product to purchasers worldwide.

We have become an industry leader thanks to developing our machines in-house. The speed, precision and efficiency are unrivalled, making our product both high quality and affordable. This, together with the number of profiles we have developed over the years, helps us create the exact private label product our customers desire. Tailoring our product to your wishes is our mission!

HARTTHARTT is one the very few manufacturers able to customise plank paneling according to customers’ demands. We continuously search for ways to make our product more appealing, more flexible and more convenient to use, transport and store.

Our combination of carefully selected raw materials and efficient machinery allows us to offer you a quality product at a very competitive price. As a starting point, we only use the best wood: certified Scandinavian, Baltic and Russian specially graded Whitewood and Redwood. Moreover, we designed our machines in-house to get the best result possible. Using our technical ingenuity and experience, we engineered a revolutionary machine forty years ago – one that still makes us a market leader today!

HARTTHARTT is offering eight different types of profiles in thicknesses from 7 to 15 mm and overall widths from 93 to 121 mm. The available lengths are 80 to 5700 mm. One of them is a unique feature of HARTT plank panelling: Our two-sided profile. This gives you the opportunity to buy and stock one item while offering your consumer two distinct options.