Good start to the year for Ghana's wood product exports

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Ghana’s wood product exports in the first month of 2022 grew by 22% year-on-year to 23,349 cu.m earning Eur10,041 million according to Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD). In January 2021 exports stood at 19,173 cu. m valued at Eur 10,295 million.

The leading export products were air-dried sawnwood (51%), kiln-dried sawnwood (18%), billets (14%), plywood (7% for the regional market) and mouldings (3%). Together this accounted for 93% of the total volume of wood products exports in January 2022.

According to the TIDD report seventy-seven companies were involved in the export of ten different products for the month. These products were produced from about 43 different species from including teak, wawa, denya, ceiba and mahogany.

The major drivers of export growth were sawnwood and plywood destined for regional markets. Of the 35 importing countries the leading destinations in terms of volumes were India, USA, Vietnam, Belgium and Germany. Asian markets accounted for over 60% of total export volumes.