Germany: Douglas fir log price index mainly increasing

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Alternativtext The German producer price indices for Douglas fir mostly followed an upward trend in April 2022. On average, the log index increased by 2.7% to 79 points compared to March. B quality decreased by 0.1% to 93.9 points. 3 m lengths recorded an increase of 2.2% to 99.5 points, while 4/5 m lengths fell by 1.8% to 84.3 points.

C ranges achieved a level of 67.3 points with an increase of 3.5%. B/C ranges recorded an increase of 5% to 76 points.

Alternativtext Douglas fir pulpwood increased by 3.1% to 66.1 points in April. Pine pulpwood recorded a minus of 3.1% to 88.6 points. Spruce pulpwood rose by 6.3% to a value of 95.2 points. The softwood pulpwood index increased by 2% to 90.2 points.

Year-on-year the Douglas fir index gained 23.4%, B grades 24.7%. 3m lengths increased by 28.2%, while 4/5m lengths increased by 21%. C grades recorded an increase of 22.1%. B/C qualities exceeded the previous year's value by 23.4%. The Douglas Fir pulpwood Index was up 20.4% from April 2021.

You get to the table with these and other calculations here.

Data source: Destatis: producer price indices for the products of logging from the state forests