FORDAQ organizes new online auction of woodworking machinery

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FORDAQ is organizing five new auction sales next month. From woodworking machines, such as sawing or moulding machines, to full painting lines and other products, our next auctions will be organized in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. The starting date will be May 5th and ending date on May 19th.

Auction 1
  • Start Date: 05/05/2015; at 05:00 PM CET
  • End Date: 19/05/2015 from 06:30 PM CET
  • Location:
  • France (Mably, Nimes, Tonnay Boutonne)

The first auction in France includes among others:

  • Finger jointing model Compact Howial;
  • Weinig planer Q18;
  • SCM T120 C Spindle moulder with coach;
  • Veneer pin and telescopic VALLETTA GARREAU model 18/10 kind DST 18.

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Auction 2
  • Start date: 05/05/2015 from 05:00 PM CET
  • End date: 19/05/2015 from 06:30 PM CET
  • Location:
  • Belgium (Petithan, Hautrage)

The second auction sale held in Belgium includes among others:

  • Weinig 18 Quattromat 4 Sided Planer;
  • Brenta 110 Saw;
  • Circular Wood Saw Rema 1990;
  • Radial Saw Stromab 1983.

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Auction 3
  • Start Date: 05/05/2015; at 05:00 PM CET
  • End Date: 19/05/2015 from 06:30 PM
  • Location:
  • Netherlands (Bergeijk, Empe)

The third auction in the Netherlands includes among others:

  • Tenoning machine Vertongen Profil 2;
  • Sanding machine Verboom BBV 1100/2;
  • Beuving radial saws;
  • Wiltec spraying wall.


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Auction 4,5
  • Start Date: 05/05/2015; at 05:00 PM CET
  • End Date: 19/05/2015 from 06:30 PM CET
  • Location:
  • Germany (Tauberbischofsheim) and Spain (Coín - Málaga)

The fourth and fifth auction include the following:

  • Moulder Weinig Unimat 23EL;
  • Painting booth, Drying chamber, Laboratory/mixing room;




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Rodrick Namangale
I am looking for two woodworking machinery. Sliding table saw, and 5 in 1 combination machine. I want all to be of 3 phase. But I always have questions in mind like if buy from this group are they going to arrange shipment, and is always auction what if they offer the machine on a certain price can't it work? If you please address these my concerns I will just be very happy and free.