EU imports of furniture from tropical countries rising in 2017

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In the first nine months of 2017, EU imports increased from all four leading tropical supply countries; rising by 3% from Vietnam to euro567 million, 4% from Indonesia to euro246 million, 11% from Malaysia to euro154 million and 16% from India to euro154 million.

There was also a significant rise in EU imports from Hong Kong, Singapore and the UAE during the same period. In contrast imports from Brazil fell 8% to euro85 million and imports from Thailand declined 6% to euro45 million.

The increase in EU imports of wood furniture in the first nine months of 2017 was concentrated in the UK (rising 9% to euro546 million), Germany (rising 4% to euro185 million), Netherlands (rising 21% to euro142 million) and Spain (rising 31% to euro57 million).

Although the quantities are still quite limited, several smaller EU markets also recorded significant percentage increases in wood furniture imports from tropical countries in 2017 including Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Ireland and Greece.