2017 Brazilian furniture trade – a call to diversify markets

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A look at residential furniture export shows that there was an almost 7% rise in 2017 compared to 2016. But analysts consider this a poor performance as half of the exports were dependent on just three countries, the United States, the United Kingdom and Argentina.

Exports to Argentina fell 9% and exports to the UK dropped 13%. The three markets accounted for about 47% the total, just 1% higher than in 2016. The total value of furniture exports was U$633.5 million, some US$50 million below that in 2014.

By State, Santa Catarina continues to lead exports with 36% of the total followed by Rio Grande do Sul, with 29%.

Brazil’s imports of furniture continue to rise. 2017 imports totaled US$538.5 million, an almost 16% increase on 2016. China accounted for 33% of this total, a 34% increase over the previous year.